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Bigos is the most traditional meal in polish kitchen. is served for every bigger occasion like Christmas, eastern and Baptists etc. can be served with fresh bread or potatoes puree.


  • Chicken complete legs separated from body

  • 1 Kg of sauerkraut

  • 4-5 pieces of all spices

  • 4-5of bay leaves

  • one big size onion

  • 300 g of any good sausages ( i use chicken breast sausages)

  • Any meat what left from soup last day gravy etc separated from bones

  • 100 g of forest mushrooms

  • Black pepper, chilly powder, marjoram, red papper

  • Tomato paste

  • 2 table spoon of goose lard
  • Dried mushrooms

How To Start

Clean your chicken and lay on the bottom of your pan (must be at least 5 liter big)

Next cut it sauerkraut and spread around your chicken

Next pour the water to you pan but the water must just cover the sauerkraut (cant be too much)

Now you can add all spices and bay leaves.

And keep on the fire, Next you need to cut the sausages and add to pan.15 minutes before you start cooking you need keep the mushrooms inside the water and now is the time when you take out the mushrooms from water, cut them and add pan.

Don’t stir but gently mix all inside, don’t move the meet, leaves now on mid fire for one and half hour, After one hour you can take out all chicken, gently is now very soft. you now add the meat you had before prepared.


Stir now all, Now you can separate all meat from your chicken.

Add to your pan and stir, during the cooking pan need to stay uncovered, The water must be reduced, when consistent wont be watery, you can add rest of spices red pepper, black pepper, chili as you like , Add tomato paste and goose lard. Now stir and check the test should be source and spicy, Last you add marjoram ( try to cover all upper ) you can lay some piece of bread( best if ray or mixed ) on top then stir it makes consistency more gravy.

All process shouldn’t be shorter then two hours so don’t be fast in your cooking, The meal need the time on fire for take all test.

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