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Chicken Drumsticks

Tender chicken drum sticks delicately flavored with coriander and just the merest hint of spices , make this an excellent dish to give the whole family for an extra special treat from the Europe



  • 1 Kg chicken drumsticks or how many you want

  • Salt 3-4 tea spoons( enough to cover all pieces )

  • Black pepper powder, red pepper , chili powder 3-4 spoons same like salt

  • pinch of rosemary

  • pinch of all spices powder

  • 1 tea spoon of honey

  • one spoon of oil for marinate and half glass for baking

How to make:

First take it drumsticks, clean and keep in big bowl , then spread salt around all pieces of chicken both sides, same do with black pepper, add one tea spoon chili powder pinch of rosemary , all spices powder and coriander powder add 2cloves of grated garlic one spoon of natural honey one spoon of oil now you need to use it hand to mix it together perfectly when all marinate will cover all perfectly all pieces keep it in fridge for one to two hours. After that time you can set your over for up and down.

And 220 degrees (Celsius)

it will can now take a while before oven will be ready so you can now prepare roasting pan , first spread oil around the pan( all bottom must be covered ) then set the chicken inside when oven will be ready keep roasting pan inside and bake around one hour you can serve it with young full boiled potatoes and any salad.

How to make leak salad:

Take two bigger tomatoes , and one average leak add salt salt , black pepper and table spoon of apple vinegar , add two table spoons of source , thick cream mix it together and served.

chicken drumsticks

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