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Peking Duck

With its crisp, tangy skin, Peking Duck is the most popular of all Chinese dishes. Serve with cool cucumber, spring onion strips and a rich plum Hoisin sauce.  Wrapped  in feather light pancakes, it’s delicious.


5 lb/2.25 kg oven-ready duck

4 tablespoon Chinese five spice powder

2 table spoon salt

4 table spoon clear honey

1 table spoon white vinegar

1 table spoon medium dry sherry

3 table spoon light soy sauce


8 oz/225g strong plain flour

1 table spoon sesame oil


1 Bunch spring onions

1/2 small cucumber

Hoisin sauce


Preheat the oven to Gas 6, 400 f, 200 C, 15 mins before cooking duck.

If the duck is frozen ensure it is thoroughly thawed before use. Rinse and pat dry with absorbent paper. Mix the Chinese five spice powder with the 2 table spoon salt and sprinkle inside the duck cavity. Pinch the duck all over with the forefinger and thumb to help break down the fat and to loosen the skin from the bird.

Place the duck in a roasting tin or a large ovenproof bowl and scald by pouring boiling water over Drain and allow to dry in cool,airy place for at least 2 -3 hrs. The longer you leave the duck to dry the crisper the skin will be.The Chinese hang them up to dry

Overnight before cooking.

 Mix the honey,  vinegar, sherry and soy sauce with ¼ pint/150 ml boiling water and stir until thoroughly blended. Put duck on a trivet in a roasting tin. Our marinade over and roast for 1 ½ -2 hrs. To test if cooked, the juices should run clear when the leg is pierced with a skewer.

 Meanwhile make the pancakes mix the flour with 6 fl oz/175  ml hot water to form a dough, knead until smooth then leave to relax for 30 mins. Cover with  clean cloth.Divide dough into small pieces then roll out to 2 in/5 cm rounds Brush one side with sesame oil and place two pancakes together oiled sides innermost Roll out again until the pancakes are really thin cut each into 7 in/18 cm rounds Heat a non-stick frying pan over a gentle heat frying pan over a gentle heat.fry pancakes until dry on one side turn over and cook the other side.Repeat until all the pancakes are cooked.

When it’s time to eat, reheat in a steamer over gently boiling water.

 Trim spring onions to 3 in/7.5 cm lengths. Take half and using a sharp knife make very thin cuts to 1 in/ 2.5 cm of base place in a bowl of iced water for 2-3 hours: this will make the ends curl decoratively. Shred remainder peel cucumber. Cut into ¼ in/6 mm thin strips. To eat shred or carver the duck. Spread a spoonful of sauce on to pancakes Top with shredded spring onions and strips of cucumber and duck, Roll up filled pancakes to eat.


1, pinch the duck all over with thumb and forefinger to break down the fat

2, place seasoned duck in a large roosting tin, pour boiling water over, drain

3, Put the duck on trivet mix the marinade then pour over the roast

4, To make the pancakes add water to the sifted flour and bind to a stiff dough

5, Knead dough on a floured board then roll out small pieces to 2 in /5 cm rounds

6, Trim cleaned spring onions to 3 in 7.5 cm makes cuts 1 in /2.5 cm from base

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