Poached eggs with cut spinach and onions Recipe

Ingredients Poached eggs with cut spinach and onions:

  1. 2 small spinach leaves
  2. 1 egg
  3. Boiled water
  4. Half onion
  5. (Optional)Small amount of salt
  6. Alot of care!
  7. (Optional)bacon bits
  8. (Optional)Small amount of pepper

How to cook Poached eggs with cut spinach and onions:

  1. Cut the spinach on a cutting board as big or small as you want it.

  2. Cut one small section of your onion and cut it until it is small (not too small)

  3. Get your egg out and start to boil some of your water for about 20 mins or less(or just until it starts to boil -_)

  4. Crack and put your egg in a large spoon measuring cup or and item that you can poach you egg with.(like a shoe)

  5. Once your egg is done put is on a plate and put the onions on first. Make sure to spread the onions around the egg too.

  6. After you put the onions down put the spinach on the egg.

  7. After the spinach is on the egg you can put any other spices or decorations on the meal if you like.

  8. The congrats! your done! Now time to eat. Hope you guys enjoy your meal!

  9. Nothin to see here…. just an extra

happy_cooking 🙂

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